Mystical Heading

This section of images are personal works that I absolutely love doing. The are based on my love of nature, paganism, my interest in all things "witchy", folklore and spiritual.

During my University days, I studied the 'Visual Representation of Witches' during the 17th century and wrote my final dissertation paper on this subject. Really interesting research and I covered so many different topics as well as researching a variety of artists and early images of the witch figure. This has inspired me to paint a number of "witchy" and related images.

Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger image, when the slide show begins hover in the top right section of the image and click on the next button.

Prints and merchandise are available for sale in my on-line shops.

Root Chakra thumbnail
solar thumbnail
Heart Chakra thumbnail
Throat Chakra thumbnail
Third Eye thumbnail
Crown Chakra thumbnail
The Seer thumbnail
Hare with Standing Stones thumbnail
Winter Warmth thumbnail
Pendle Hare thumbnail
Summer Solstice
Oak King and Holly King Midsummer Eve thumbnail Secret Corner thumbnail Witch and Hare thumbnail
City Grime thumbnail Witch in Bottle thumbnail Heart Mandala thumbnail Heart Mandala thumbnail
Belly Dancer thumbnail Belly Dancer2 thumbnail Belly Dancer3 thumbnail  






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